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Expansion Plans

When will Sprout Fiber Internet be available in your neighborhood? Discover the five factors that guide our expansion plans.

Expanding Service to the Communities We Serve

At the heart of our organization is a deep commitment to our community. Our goal is to provide our cooperative members and future subscribers access to evolving technology that can significantly improve their lives. We identified five critical factors to guide our future expansion: consumer demand, reaching the unserved and underserved, fiscal responsibility, grant money, and operational benefits.

Sprout Fiber Internet 2024 Expansion Map

1. Consumer Demand

As a community provider, our goal is to expand where our services are in demand, aligning with the needs and preferences of our community. To achieve this, we highly recommend that you submit an interest form if you’d like to subscribe to Sprout Fiber Internet. Encourage your neighbors and local friends to do the same to bolster the demand in your community. While high demand doesn’t guarantee immediate service, it can prioritize your community in our upcoming expansion plans ahead of neighborhoods that have not expressed interest.

2. Reaching Underserved Areas

One of our primary objectives is to ensure that rural communities have access to high-quality internet services. Currently, 25% of our service territory lacks internet connectivity, and we are committed to changing this so that every member of our community — no matter where they live — enjoys the benefits of internet access.

3. Fiscal Responsibility

Our cooperative is funded by members’ contributions, and we take our responsibility to manage your money very seriously. This means our expansion strategies prioritize investment where we can secure a return on investment and improve our community member’s quality of life. When a specific region expresses strong interest in receiving our internet services, we are more inclined to solidify our services in those areas. To express your interest, submit an interest form.

4. Grant Money

Grant money is a vital resource that enables us to expand our reach and serve a larger number of communities. Depending on the availability of grant funds, we allocate resources to support our expansion plans. This strategic allocation plays a key role in propelling our growth, ensuring that we can connect more communities to high-quality internet services.

5. Operational Benefits

We are committed to enhancing efficiency and reducing redundancies in our operations. Our phase 1 plan, which focused on building a loop connecting all our offices and substations, set the stage for our next operational steps. We are now transitioning this loop into a mesh grid, a strategic move that will enable us to expand our coverage and provide internet services in more areas. If your community is in close proximity to the mesh grid, there’s a strong likelihood that your area may be next in line to receive our internet services.

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