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Wi-Fi Speeds Explained

Make your Wi-Fi work for you. Knowing what can impact Wi-Fi speeds is the first step.

Different Types of Wi-Fi Speeds

We know you are going to love Sprout Fiber Internet’s blazing-fast speed. Over fiber optics, data can travel at the speed of light! The speed options Sprout offers are 300 Mbps, 1 Gig, and 2 Gig.* And these are symmetrical speeds, meaning the upload speed is the same as the download. That’s a super-fast data transfer out to the Internet, which is important for activities like gaming, video calls, and uploading pictures and documents

Our speeds are the wired speeds you will receive based on the package you choose. Speeds could be less if you have your device connected to the Internet wirelessly through a Wi-Fi network. Since most devices will be connected to the Internet wirelessly, understanding how Wi-Fi works is important to having the best internet experience.

The best way to receive the maximum speed is to connect your devices directly through an Ethernet cable. While a hard-wired connection works best, it may not always be possible with some devices. And honestly, a Wi-Fi connection is simply more convenient.

Computers, TVs, gaming consoles, cell phones, tablets, doorbell cameras, thermostats, small and major appliances, almost everything these days is a “smart” device. So when we say device we mean anything that can be connected to the Internet.

*2 Gig available in select areas.

Factors That Can Affect Your Wi-Fi Speed

The speeds you get on a device that is connected to Wi-Fi will vary. Typically, there are three main causes for a sluggish speed over Wi-Fi. They are:

  1. The quality of the Wi-Fi signal (lots of devices need lots of strong Wi-Fi)
  2. The settings and limitations of the technology in your device (some devices were not designed for today’s fiber technology)
  3. The reach of the Wi-Fi signal (device distance from the signal)

Let’s break these down further.


The Wi-Fi router used can enhance (or limit) the wireless signal’s quality.  Sprout’s service includes, at no additional charge, the Sprout BLAST u4 router. It delivers an optimal Wi-Fi signal to all your devices so you’ll see Wi-Fi speeds at their full potential.

Home Size

Every home is unique. Your Sprout Fiber Internet technician will work with you to find the optimal location to install our equipment. Usually, this is in the center of the home and away from obstructions. Also, because the size of your home can prevent the signal from reaching all areas in your home, your technician may recommend a larger, more powerful router or a custom mesh system to ensure the Wi-Fi signal reaches every room.

Signal Interference

Signal interference from certain building materials like brick, metal, and glass, even some appliances like microwaves can affect the connection or cause the signal to stall. Keep this in mind if or when you notice the Wi-Fi signal seems weak in certain areas of your home.

Number of Devices

The number of devices on the network at one time can drastically affect Wi-Fi performance. The more devices active on the network, the less speed there is to go around. That’s why we offer three packages options. Select a package that offers enough speed for everything you want to connect.

Device Limitations

Your Wi-Fi network is only as strong as the devices are capable. Each device — such as your PC, mobile phone, gaming station, TV, etc. — has a network card that has speed limitations. Some devices, especially older ones, may not be able to handle the max speed you have subscribed to. Also, the type of Wi-Fi radio (2.4, 5, or 6 GHz) in your device can dramatically impact Wi-Fi. Check your device’s Wi-Fi specifications to see what is supported. It might be time to upgrade the device so you can experience a faster performance.

Important Note

If you opt not to use the provided Sprout BLAST router, please contact tech support to have your personally owned router approved and noted on your account. This is part of our network security protocol. Be advised that our tech support team will be unable to troubleshoot any Wi-Fi connectivity issues on non-Sprout-provided equipment. We will only be able to verify that our service is working at the Sprout ONT.

How To Improve Your Wi-Fi Performance

Extend or Enhance Your Wi-Fi Coverage

Sprout offers Enhanced Residential Wi-Fi for an additional charge per month. This is an ideal solution for large homes (between 1,500 and 3,000 sq. ft.) or homes that have non-standard configurations or construction. This option is recommended with our standard Sprout BLAST u4 router does not provide adequate cover for your home.

And, if you want your Wi-Fi to extend beyond the home to your patio, pool, shop, or even lake dock, we offer custom outdoor Wi-Fi solutions.

Contact us for more information.

Test Your Speeds

The most accurate speed test is on a hardwired, ethernet connection to a newer model PC. Older devices, gaming systems, and any Wi-Fi connected device will likely not reflect the max speeds capable of your Sprout service.

When checking your speeds, we recommend using the Sprout Fiber Internet app, which test the speed at the Wi-Fi router or by visiting For more information check out their FAQs.

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