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Additional Services

Get the most out of your internet connection with these features and options.

Optimize Your Sprout Service With Additional Services

From additional Wi-Fi coverage to managing your network from anywhere to adding a home phone, these options can unlock the power of connectivity.

Enhanced Residential Wi-Fi

Ensure you have optimal Wi-Fi coverage in every room of your house by upgrading to a larger, more powerful Sprout BLAST u6 Wi-Fi router. Great for homes with more than two stories or known “dead zones.”

Sprout Fiber Internet App (CommandIQ®)

Download our free app to easily customize your online experience. Set up profiles for the people, places, and online things in your home. It’s like a remote control for your Wi-Fi settings right in the palm of your hand.


Easily monitor, prioritize and filter online traffic of each user in your home with additional features inside the Sprout Fiber Internet app. Advanced Network/Parental Controls: set time limits, create schedules, see details on usage, even pause access (aka Internet Time Out) all from the app, even when you are not home!


Fortify your home internet connection with ProtectIQ. This service blocks malicious websites, prevents malware and dangerous activity, and monitors network traffic. And best of all, this Wi-Fi protection is at no additional charge.

Home Phone

Stay connected to family and friends with a dedicated home landline phone. Keep the same number you’ve always had or get a new one. There are lots of reasons to still have a home phone number.

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