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Home Phone Features

Make the most of your Sprout home phone services with advanced voice features.

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Setting Up Your Online Sprout Fiber Voice Portal

Access Your Sprout Voice Portal

  • Log in to the portal with your username and password. Type in account name: Sprout Fiber
  • Select the blue “User Portal” icon
  • Features will be displayed in the top left, under the Sprout logo
Voice Portal Login

Phone Features


When you can’t answer a call, easily redirect it to your voicemail. Listen to messages at your convenience via phone, email, or your online portal.

To Access Voicemail:

  1. From an on-network extension: Dial *98
  2. From an off-network extension: Dial your 10-digit phone number and press * when the greeting starts.
  3. Enter the passcode and press #

Main Voicemail Menu Options:

[1] To listen voicemail
[3] Record name
[8] To change passcode
[9] To exit the voice portal
[#] To repeat this menu

First-Time Setup or Reset Voicemail Passcode:

  1. Dial *98
  2. Enter default passcode 8642 and press # (first-time setup only)
  3. Follow the “passcode has expired” prompt
  4. Re-enter permanent passcode and press #
  5. Follow the rest of the prompts to record name and greetings

Phone Keypad Shortcuts

Access voicemail and call forwarding features quickly with these keypad shortcuts. New users need to complete voicemail setup and create a pin number before shortcuts can be used.

  1. Check voicemails at home: *98
  2. Check voicemails away from home (pin number required): *97
  3. Prevent your number for being displayed on caller ID screens: *67
  4. Setup call forwarding number: *72 and then dial the number where incoming calls should be forwarded.
  5. Change call forwarding number: *56 and then dial the new number where incoming calls should be forwarded.
  6. Disable call forwarding: *73
  7. Toggle call forwarding: *74 Reactivates the last used number for call forwarding again. 

Other Features

The document below has additional information on the portal and its features such as call history, contact list, and settings & devices.

Sprout Fiber User Portal Instructions

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