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Home Phone Service

Experience exceptional phone call quality at home.

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Stay Connected With Enhanced Call Quality

Add Home Phone Unlimited to Your Internet Service

Ready for higher-quality phone calls?

Crystal-Clear Phone Conversations

Powered by the same cutting-edge fiber optic network as our high-speed Wi-Fi, you’ll enjoy a high-quality call experience whether you’re speaking with loved ones or conducting a business call.

More Security, Privacy, and Convenience

Say goodbye to spotty cell phone service and unexpected dropped calls. Plus, a landline offers an extra level of security and privacy for confidential and sensitive phone conversations.

Virtually-Accessible Phone Features

Our convenient online portal offers a wealth of features such as sending voicemails to an email and forwarding calls to a different number. Manage these features remotely without being near your home phone.

Keep Your Number

Already have a residential landline? Keep the same number and simply transfer the service to Sprout. To port your number, we need a copy of your most recent phone bill, a Letter of Authorization (LOA), and a 911 Disclaimer.

Contract-Free Service

From establishing a private line for family and friends, to having a separate line for when you don’t want to share your cell number, there are many benefits to installing a home phone. And the best part is, if you ever change your mind, you have the freedom to cancel your phone service at any time with no termination fees.

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